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How Solar Works

Illustration of the sun rising (sunrise icon)

As the sun rises, your system begins producing power. When you're consuming more power than your solar is producing, you may still draw power from the grid.

Illustration of the sun (day icon)

During the day, your system can generate more power than you are consuming. This extra power goes back to the grid where it can be used by your neighbours.

"Illustration of the moon (night icon)

At night, while you're not producing solar energy, your home gets its power from the grid.

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Thomas Wolf Energy (TWE) is an innovative Tasmanian based, owned and operated energy company specializing in environmentally conscious energy and electrical solutions. We operate state-wide within both residential and commercial domains. At TWE we believe that renewable energy is the way of the future, and are committed to moving Tasmania forward towards a sustainable and energy independent state.

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